Latin Name?
Ottocinclus Affinis

Other Names?
Midgit Suckermouth Ottos

How hard are they to keep?
We would class these as moderate in difficulty to keep. Best introduced when the tank is mature as will not tolerate poor water quality. Theses guys love live plants

What is it maximum size?

Where are they from?
Originates from south east Brazil

How many can I keep?
These Ottocinclus enjoy each other company so best kept in groups of 3 or more.

What are the ideal water conditions?
Good movement of water and slightly acidic water is ideal. Plenty of hiding places and live plants ( All our fish have been Acclimatized to live in our Local Hard Tap water)

What do you feed them?
An active algae eater, can be fed on algae based foods such as wafers or pellets

How compatible are Ottocinclus with other fish?
A very peaceful community fish

How do I breed them?
The Ottocinclus breeds in groups and would need  Slightly acidic water  for them to  breed a separate breeding tank would be best suited for these guys.

These can be found in tank Number: 12


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