Albino Neon Tetra 

Latin Name 
Paracheirodon Innesi
How hard are they to keep?
We would say this fish are Very  easy care level and one of the most popular Community Fish.
What is its maximum size?
Where are neons from?
Originating from the Putumayo river and streams of Peru South America.
Today nearly all the neon tetras offered for sale are captive bred from Hong Kong and China.
Neons are a long lived species with a normal life span of 10 years.
How many can I keep?
Albino Neon Tetras are a shoaling species. A shoaling fish best kept in groups of 6 or more. More the better

What are the ideal water conditions?
Ideal water conditions are slightly acidic to neutral but they will adapt to a wide range of water parameters. These Fish are acclimatize to our local Hard water  Temperature 20-26°c. PH 6-8.
What do you feed them?
Neons are omnivores and will eat a variety of foods. Feed a varied diet of frozen, freeze dried and flake foods.
How compatible is it with other fish?
The neon is a great community fish and can go with other peaceful community fish.
How do you breed them?
Males are slimmer Female are plumper . A pair should be placed in a breeding tank and have a water parameters of PH 5 or lower and have  subdued lighting. The eggs are laid over fine leaved plants and will hatch in 24 hours. the eggs are light sensitive  Feed the newly hatched fry on fine live food infusoria or liquid food for 10-12 days. They should then be able to feed on newly hatched brine shrimp.



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