Super Delta Betta Siamese Fighter Fish

Latin Name ?
Betta Splendens
Other Names?
Betta Japanese Fighter Fish Siamese Fighter
How hard are they to keep?
We would class this fish as an easy care level.
What is its maximum size?
Where are they from?
The Siamese Fighting Fish originated from Thailand and Cambodia.  Our Fighters are Tank breed from Singapore
How many can I keep?
You can only keep one male to a tank as they will fight to the death. We believe that this fish is not a community fish and would be better on its own due to its tank mates nibbling its tail .
How compatible are they with other fish?
If the Aquarium is big enough and your Betta likes to share his space we have found Corydoras can work well Ottocinclus snails and Shrimp. However one betta is never the same as the next and have a huge personality so what works with one my not work with others.
What are the ideal water conditions?
A PH of between 6-8 and temperature of 24-30 Low Water Flow  these fish do not fair well with fast flowing water.
How do you tell the difference between Male and female? 
Males tend to have long flowing fins and do not have an egg spot under the fish.


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