Red Eye Tetra x 3

Red Eye Tetra

3 Red Eye Tetra for £6.95

Moenkhausia Sanctaefilomenae
Also known as:

Red eyed Tetra Monk Tetra

How hard are they to keep?
We would class this fish as an easy care level.
What is its maximum size?
Where are they original from?
The Red Eye Tetra is a slightly larger shoaling tetra originating from Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. These fish are tank Bred in Singapoor
How many can I keep?
Best kept in a group Minimum of 3
What are the ideal water conditions?
Can be kept in a wide range of water parameters.
What do you feed them?
They are omnivores and will eat a variety of foods. Feed a varied diet of frozen,  flake foods.
How compatible is it with other fish?
Community Fish No longed Finned Fish
How do you breed them?
Female is plumper than the male. Will spawn in soft to hard water




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Red Eyed Tetra


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