Peter Elephant Nose

1 x Peter Elephant Nose 
Or 3 for £40.00
Latin Name 

Gnathonemus Petersii

How hard are they to keep?

We would class these as a difficult to care for fish.
What is its maximum size?

Where are Elephant Nose from?

They originate from west and central Africa.

How many can I keep?
We would recommend 1 or 3 or more as if you have less than 3 we have found that they will tend to fight

What are the ideal water conditions?
Ideal conditions for the Elephant Nose are subdued lighting and a soft substrate. A shy species they will appreciate a Planted Aquarium also rock work or driftwood for hiding places. Keep water temperature around 26-28c and PH 6.8-7.2. As with all our fish we sell our fish have been acclimatized to our hard water we have in the South East of England

What do you feed them?

Elephant nose  Love Blood worms Fresh or frozen

How compatible is it with other fish?

Peaceful with other tank mates but can be aggressive with other elephant nose.



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