Elephant nose

Latin Name: Gnathonemus petersii

Other Names: Elephant nose fish, Elephant fish

How hard are they to keep? Elephant nose fish can be challenging to keep due to their specific care requirements and sensitivity to water conditions. They require a well-maintained and stable environment.

What is its maximum size? The maximum size of an elephant nose fish is around 8-10 inches (20-25 cm) in length.

Where are they from? Elephant nose fish are native to the rivers and freshwater lakes of West Africa, particularly in countries like Nigeria and Cameroon.

How many can I keep? It is recommended to keep elephant nose fish in small groups of at least 3-5 individuals for social interaction and to reduce aggression within the group.

How compatible are they with other fish? Elephant nose fish are generally peaceful but can be territorial towards their own species or similar-looking fish. They are best kept in a species-specific aquarium or with peaceful, non-aggressive tank mates that won’t outcompete them for food.

What are the ideal water conditions? Elephant nose fish thrive in soft, slightly acidic to neutral water conditions. The temperature should be maintained between 75-80°F (24-27°C), and the pH should range from 6.4-7.5. The Elephant Nose Fish that are for sale have been climatized to our local water conditions.

How do you tell the difference between male and female? It is difficult to determine the sex of elephant nose fish visually, as there are no prominent external differences between males and females. It is usually only possible to determine their sex during breeding behaviour.

Fun Fact: Elephant nose fish possess special electroreceptor cells on their trunk-like snout, which they use to navigate and communicate in the dark or murky waters. They emit weak electric fields and sense the electric signals produced by other fish, helping them detect predators, find food, and communicate with their own species.


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