Ciano En Pro 120 239 Litre Black Fish Tank

The Ciano Emotions Pro 120 aquarium and cabinet set is finished in a sophisticated white to keep in line with an ultra-contemporary feel  Equipped with a 36w LED lighting system, perfectly designed for both fish and plants,

Equipment Included:

36w LED Lighting Unit

Biological Filter

1x Water Clear M, 2x Bio-Bact M and 1x Foam XL

Heater 200w

Tank & Cabinet


Aquarium size: 239 litre

Finish: Black

Sleek and stylish design

Easy to maintain

Simple hinge joint fixings to lift hood

Aquarium Dimensions 121.2cm x 40.2cm x 143cm (L x D x H)


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Emotions Pro comes with the new CFBIO XL filtration with the capacity for greater and more complete mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. They also include a more economical LED lighting system and light quality.

CFBIO XL Filtration System

The aquarium is equipped with our powerful CFBIO XL Ciano® biological filtration system, with greater filtration capacity and efficiency. This filtration system guarantees mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. The filter is equipped with a high-performance motor with a capacity of 600 L / H, an efficient heater and consumables (1 Water Foam Coarse XL, 1 Water Foam XL, 1 Water Pad XL, 2 Water Bio-Bact XL and 1 Water Clear & Protection), which guarantee complete filtration.

Ciano® LED System

Economic, Powerful, Adjustable and Universal are the characteristics of the new CLE120 Ciano®. The new lighting system from Ciano® ensures greater light with less consumption of resources.

Elegant and functional aquarium

As is already characteristic of Ciano, Emotions Pro is manufactured with excellent quality materials, in which the lacquered aluminum frames stand out. The lid allows full access to the aquarium, facilitating its maintenance. As an option, you can purchase a mobile Emotions Pro developed with the same lines that provide a perfect set.



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